Sweet Lorraine is Baking Again

Sweet Lorraine is a home-based bakeshop in Manila, Philippines. I’ve been baking for friends and family for years, taking orders during the holidays. Going full-time with this has given me the chance to do something I truly love for a living.

What’s so special about Sweet Lorraine?

All our products, from cupcakes to cookies and bars, are baked fresh in our home from the finest ingredients available- like French and Danish butter, pure Madagascar vanilla, Sri Lankan cinnamon, organic free-range eggs, Valrhona, Callebaut and Ghirardelli chocolate, and fresh local fruit. We use recipes developed through heavy testing- and we believe it’s this total commitment to excellent taste that sets us apart.

How should I store your cupcakes, cakes and cookies?

Our products are meant to be enjoyed right away! If you need to, store them in an airtight container in a cool room or area. Please do not refrigerate or freeze our products unless specified on the box. More specific storage information is available on each of our product pages.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer delivery. All orders must be picked up in Alabang. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

What if I can’t make it to Alabang, but really really want some goodies?

We might be able to arrange some pick-up points for you. Please contact us!

How do I order?

Because everything is baked fresh upon order from all natural ingredients, without preservatives or stabilizers, please order at least three days in advance. To order right now, please fill out our contact form or email us! We also post regular updates on our Facebook Page, so please join us there.